The Organizational Stage 

'The Organizational Stage ®’ is the name of a series of development programs created by Animéra. They have been running for many years both ‘in-house’ in businesses and public administration and as ‘open programs’. Their objective is to assist participants in taking  relevant and powerful action on their own 'organizational stages' by developing an understanding of the necessary conditions for strategic behavior and change management.

The following programs are offered:

  • Management training
  • Organizational change
  • The ’Art of Consultation’

The concept of 'stage' is both a metaphor and an expression of our recognized methods: As a metaphor, we view organizations, their operations and activities also as  stages with actors in different roles. The methodology is scenic: bold, challenging and effective 'Action Methods', which are used to identify and develop manager, consultant and employee roles. We try out different courses of action in simulated realities; we explore events from several perspectives. The methods are unequalled when aiming to create fundamental change. They also contribute greatly to building a creative and committed climate for training, development and change.

We are committed to enhancing understanding of the complexity of organizations. The pedagogy is concrete, relevant and participatory.  The programs create an understanding of the close link between an organization's requirements and our own and others' behaviors and needs. Through role training, the programs provide insights into personal approach, context requirements and options in professional roles.

Our clients are companies and organizations of all sizes who want to change both culture and mindset and want their managers and / or consultants effectively:

  • exercise professional leadership;
  • create learning situations to increase task focus, responsibility and self-esteem;
  • examine and influence activities and relationsships involving both their environment and their customers.