About Marianne Wiktorin

Marianne Wiktorin is a senior consultant with extensive experience in working in organizational development, leadership and management development, team development and coaching. She is a psychologist and trained in organizational consultancy and organizational pedagogy*. Marianne has implemented management programs in numerous organizations.  She consults to companies of all sizes and public administration. She has developed and delivered 'the Organizational Stage®', a development program over two semesters for managers and consultants. In Sweden and Norway, she has delivered ‘the Art of Consultation’, a development program over two semesters for consultants. The programs have been presented almost annually since 1998.

Marianne is accustomed to working in multi-national companies. She speaks fluent English,  as well as some French, German and Spanish. She is a board member and former chair of the Organizational Consultation Section in an international professional organization, IAGP, the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes. She lectures and gives seminars at international conferences worldwide.

* Pedagogy: leading people to a place where they can learn for themselves; creating environments where people can hone the abilities they already have; guiding students to learning; presenting relevant problems for learners to explore, answer and solve; education that transports students to a place where they will be amazed by the wonders of the world they live in.